And just like that I'm over half-way there. This week marks my 21st week of pregnancy and it feels like time has been flying by. I hear that pregnancy tends to go by pretty quickly until you reach that last month, then it feels like a never ending ordeal lol I'm kind of looking forward to it because I feel like time is just going way too fast. 

I've been feeling pretty good lately, I no longer have the horrible morning sickness that riddled my body in the first trimester. The only real complaint that I have is how much my back hurts, my tailbone has been getting the brunt of it. I have read that it's all normal (obviously) but I'm sure that working 9 hours a day on my feet doesn't really help. 

I have to admit that I never realized how hard pregnancy could truly be, I know that sounds naive but so often we see people portray their pregnancy to be this picture perfect event when I feel like in reality it's much harder than that. There are so many wonderful things that come with pregnancy, like having a baby but it seems like the nitty gritty parts of it doesn't really get talked about. For example, you're constantly exhausted, your body is growing in ways you never knew could happen and bones are shifting and getting you ready to pop that baby out. It's also a little gross at times too, Brent calls me "Fart Cannon" which I think is a self-explanatory name. Don't even get me started on the hormones, oh those pesky friggen hormones! Everything makes me tear up and sometimes my heart literally hurts lol or sometimes I get way too angry and thats when Brent calls me by my supervillan name "Pregnito". 

All in all though, this process has been such a beautiful and enlightening experience. I will never again judge a pregnant woman and think she's exaggerating when she says something hurts or if she feels a certain way (I was such an asshole to think like that in the first place). I am so unbelievably grateful for this experience, I'm truly learning more about myself and my relationship to Brent is growing in ways that I never imagined. 

I am so excited for the next few months, I really want to enjoy this time and let myself be lazy (I have a feeling Netflix binges won't be as easy once baby is here) and spend as much time with Brent as possible because soon enough it won't just be the two of us. 

Here's to week 21, let's hope that the next 19 weeks go just as smoothly! 


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