Oh the GORE.

So, we had a very traumatizing night on Tuesday. Full disclosure, Brent and I are doing fine and Dexter is slowly on the mend.

This is a story about my cats testicles, if you don't want grossness I suggest you stop reading from here on out! Shall we begin? Great!

On January 24th Dexter got neutered, was put on some drugs and sent home. The surgery went well and his recovery went very well too... or so we thought. About a week after his surgery Brent and I decided to take his e-collar off, he was completely miserable in it, his incision looked to be healed up and we figured that since I would be home for about three days straight I could keep an eye on him.

Everything was fine for about a week and a few days but on Sunday I was checking out his ballsack and it looked like it was super swollen and larger than normal. Since I'm so paranoid I mentioned it to Brent he took a look and didn't think there was much going on. Fast forward to Tuesday and although they didn't swell up even more, Dexter was licking down there an awful lot and it looked like a little sore had appeared. We put the cone back on (to keep him from licking) and I called the vet to make an appointment.

This is where is gets gory and scary. Brent and I are in the process of redecorating our bedroom, so we were painting and Dex was laying down on the bed watching us. When I looked over I saw that he was REALLY going to town on his balls, he was using his paws and trying to get his face down there and that's when it happened, blood starting gushing everywhere.

I picked him up as fast I could and 30 seconds later we were out the door. Picture this me in a t-shirt and sweats, Brent scrambling to get me my boots and us running in the freezing rain to our car. It was seriously the fastest we had ever moved and I am actually so impressed with how fast we got to the vet. Once we arrived they immediately took a look at him and took him into the back room, the sounds that came out of my poor baby were seriously heartbreaking. You could tell that the poor cat was in excruciating pain and was not enjoying his time in there. Once the worst of it was over they brought Dex back into the room and told us that he had an abscess of blood but no infection. Since the incision site was healed perfectly, there was no way for that extra blood to come out which answered why there was a sore, the blood was trying to come out. Dex ended up giving himself the help he needed and got the blood out himself.

As scary and crazy this whole situation was, I'm so happy with how Brent and I handled the situation. We've been together for 7 years and had never experienced a real scary situation, you know one that was happening directly to us. I honestly think that we handled it pretty well and I cannot be more grateful for how good of a team we are! I lucked out with that one you guys.

Anyways, that is Dexter's Ball story... It was gruesome but he's going to be okay and that is all that really matters! Definitely gives us a laugh because lets be real here... my cats balls literally exploded! Who can say that? Ha! Well friends hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)



Okay, so I have been blogging for about three years now and even though I haven't kept up with it weekly (or monthly haha) I have to admit that I truly love it. I feel like I have finally found the love I had back in 2013 for writing.

I have to admit it's been a while since I have felt this connected to myself. I feel the fire to write again and even though I know my writing isn't perfect and my grammar may be off, that doesn't really matter does it? This is my space on the internet and I'm going to start using it again, talking about MY opinions, MY days, MY life and I'm excited.

I've been reading a book called "F*ck it, the ultimate spiritual way" by John C. Parkin and I'm really enjoying it. I've begun to say Fuck it to so many things and its making me feel better. Especially when it comes to this blog. There are SO many blogs out there and they are all so damn PERFECT. It's intimidating and exhausting because my blog will never be PERFECT like theirs. First off, I don't have the patience to constantly stage photos and photoshop. Seriously though, kudos to you if you enjoy photoshop because I find it the hardest program to work with and no part of me is going to google how to do it. Why do we need to set a standard of perfection? So many young girls see all these things posted online and can so easily get carried away with it and believe that it's a reality. I find it so saddening but to be honest I'm not going to sit here and say that I never fell for it because I totally have.

When it comes to "mommy bloggers" they're my biggest indulgence. Seriously, I follow so many mommy bloggers and it used to blow my mind how beautiful their lives were. I mean everything was always perfectly clean, super white, super hip and "with it". I remember thinking to myself, how do they have three kids and have a home that is SO DAMN CLEAN. I live with another adult human and we find ourselves occasionally getting super messy, if we were to add in a baby to the mix I honestly doubt that I would be able to keep up. But I guess that is something for future Kat to worry about, right? Anyways, once I discovered GOMI it was pretty eye opening because I used to be a hardcore fangirl and the ladies on those forums opened my eyes. These bloggers lives are NOT perfect, they get a SHIT TON of things for free and their job is to literally make their lives look perfect and staged and all rainbows and butterflies. It ain't happening here because I seriously have no patience for it.

I run a business and have two jobs, I don't have the time to make my life look perfect for you. My life is messy, all over the place and real. So, if you're new here or have been around for a while I just want to say Welcome.

Welcome to realness. Welcome to The Dainty Kat.