Hello Friends! What a whirlwind of months this has been. Life has been really crazy lately and I can't wait to catch you up! May & June were pretty wedding focused, I had a couple of bridal showers, my bachelorette party and an insane amount of stress. I mean whats a wedding without a few breakdowns, am I right? 

We just got back from Europe last Friday and it's been bittersweet. I love being home but I miss the cobblestone streets, delicious food and my family. Our wedding was a dream, it was the best day ever. I've heard numerous times that a lot of brides felt that their wedding days flew by and it happened all so fast, not to me. I felt like it was a LONG day and I was able to take in every single moment. It was absolutely perfect! 

I can't wait to share pictures from our wedding and our trip to Portugal, by far the greatest two weeks ever! It was so surreal to be surrounded by some of my closest friends in my favourite country! I loved seeing how much they loved Portugal and it filled me with a sense of pride in my culture. All our friends raved about it and continue to talk about how much fun we had. If you have never gone on a trip with your friends, you must add it to your bucket list. It is an awesome experience and so much fun! 

Now that I am home we have a few things coming up, we have a big Gift Show that we're attending for The Greatest Candle and in August it's my 25th birthday (say WHAT?!). I can't wait to have more time now to dedicate to my blog, my business and bettering myself. 

Portugal was a perfect break, life at home is often busy, stressful and exhausting but I'm feeling refreshed and ready to kick butt and do this life thing. Thanks for sticking around, let's just remember I am a self proclaimed "occasional blogger" ;) 

Happy hump day!