just do it

Week 16 guys. I'm on week 16 of the Kayla Itsine's program and holy crap it feels good!! I am so unbelievably proud of myself for getting this far and there is no stopping me now. It's crazy how long it has taken me to get to where I am, although I don't have the six pack abs like a lot of girls get after finishing the 12 weeks I do have a new sense of pride in myself. I actually like myself now. 

I have never been kind to myself, I mean we are our own worst critic right? I feel like my confidence has soared ever since I finished week 12. Although, I still had my "bad" weeks they didn't stop me from working out. I set a goal for myself this year, to be the best, healthiest and strongest me. You know what? It's been working out. (what a pun!)

 I find that since finishing school and not having to be somewhere, or be forced to do something (schoolwork, assignments etc.) I have turned to be just a tad bit lazy. I work with my mom so anytime I need a day off I easily get it. This year things have changed, I still have a LONG way to go but I have changed. I schedule in workouts and I GET THEM DONE. I've thrown my excuses out the window and it has worked for me. 

I even joined a women's baseball team! It has been tough to get used to HAVING to be somewhere weekly but every time I get to the field and start playing, I remember why I joined. I'm doing something different, making a change, getting out of my comfort zone and having a great time with my friends. 

I urge you to get out of your comfort zone, you don't necessarily need to join a team but do that workout you have wanted to try, go to that class you have always wanted to do, JUST DO IT. Our lives are so temporary we need to make the best of them. Be the best you, that you can be. Only you can make those changes, so get up and do them. 

Get off your bum and move. I believe in you :) 

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