Sunday Thoughts

Good afternoon babes. 

Oh Sundays, I have such a love/hate relationship with you. You are always my most relaxing day of the week but you are also the last day of the weekend which makes me terribly sad. But I cannot be mad at you this Sunday because I have tomorrow off so this post is a little useless right? I'm just speaking out for the rest of the population ;) 

Yesterday, Brent and I had a super busy day. We woke up nice and early, hello 6am wake up (ON A SATURDAY!!!!) we had a meeting with our lovely candle team and then we had our friends wedding to attend! Brent played guitar at the wedding, a nice little version of 'Thinking out loud' and then we partied all night. The food was spectacular and I cannot express enough how important it is that the food be good! I do NOT ever blame the bride and groom if the food is awful because it really isn't their fault. Usually they are presented with these amazing dishes, they test it out and its great and when the day actually comes the halls can just fall short. But last nights dinner was fricken awesome. We had stuffed chicken (not sure what it was stuffed with), AMAZING mashed potatoes (I'm talking like A+) and some delicious veggies. They served cheesecake for desert and it was the perfect amount of cheesiness, not overwhelming at all. Oh my god, I'm making myself hungry! Ha! Overall it was an amazing day, I am so happy for the bride and groom and we are SO honoured to have been invited and been a part of their amazing day! 

Today, I am suffering from a minor hangover but I believe I'm mostly just exhausted. So I've been in pjs and watching netflix all day. That's what Sundays were invented for right? I mean it is the day of rest, soo.... I'm gonna rest! 

I hope that you all have a fabulous rest day and are ready for your day tomorrow! 

Sleep, eat and relax my friends. Enjoy life's little moments, even these ones that don't seem to be important because they really kind of are. This right here, this very moment is your life so embrace it, enjoy it and love it. 

Be at peace my friends. 


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