March Madness

Rabbit, Rabbit my friends! Wishing you a great month! 

Can you believe that we're already in March? Like where the heck does the time go?! We're on an official four month countdown until the wedding, say whaaaat?! This is craziness! 

We've got some things to look forward too this month, we have our friends wedding this weekend, Brent has his champagne birthday, both our dads have their birthdays this month too... it's just a fun filled month! Spring is coming too which is super exciting but today we're expecting a big snowstorm, we all know how amazing 10+cm of snow is right? NOT. Well I can't complain this winter has been pre-tty decent. So bring on the last bit of snow, you'll give me a snow day ;) haha 

I hope that you're month is filled with goals, relaxation and plenty of love and happiness. It's the first day of the month, so make it count! This is your life make the best of it! 


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