Motivation Monday


Another weekend just flew by and it's Monday again.

This weekend was so filled with indulging I actually felt a little guilty!! For the first time in my life I crushed a 12" sub last night. WHAT is that?! Haha where the hell did this new appetite come from?! I do not feel THAT bad about it so, I am moving on. Life is about balance so it's okay. I probably won't be doing that again anytime soon BUT I am glad that I did do it. 

I am curious to see how my week will pan out, my mom is away in Europe so she has left me the responsibility of her company. I feel like it may get a little stressful but I really hope it doesn't interfere with my workouts and eating healthy. I need to plan out my week today (my least busy day) and make sure I stay on track and focus. I have come SO far and I am SO proud of my body and motivation that I don't want to let it up. No excuses, right? 

After my weekend of indulging it's time to get back on track. I feel a little bloated and sluggish but thats nothing a little exercise and healthy foods can't help me with! So let's kick week 7's ass shall we?! 

Have a good week my pretties! 


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