Motivation Monday

Rabbit, Rabbit!! 
Good Morning Lovelies!  

I had a very busy weekend, a lot of working and networking was done! I love being productive on the weekends, it just feels good ya know? 

Well, lets talk about this picture for a minute shall we? On the left we have my "before" picture, this was when I was not working out at all and eating very unhealthy. Although, I was NOT fat I was not fit. 

Over the last couple of years I have been working my ass off to reach a place where I am happy with my body, there have been many ups and many lows but I feel like I have finally hit a milestone. I am finally comfortable with my body, I have found a lifestyle that fits me and I am so happy about it! 

This time around the Kayla workouts have been so much easier (just kidding, I still sweat my ass off) but I am far more dedicated to this lifestyle than I ever have been before. Looking good makes me feel good, it's like a drug you just keep wanting more!

This picture was the first time I compared the two and it honestly blew me away, I couldn't believe how much of a change my body has made and I am so damn proud of myself! I have integrated myself way more into the bbg community and I love it. It is a community of women who are so supportive of each other and they make it so much easier, I seriously love it!

This week there is a hashtag going around #oneperfectweek, this perfect week entails: 

NO cheat meals
Clean Eating
No Alcohol 
No Added Sugar 
Lots of Water
6 Workout days and 1 Rest day 
Get Enough sleep! 

Since this is the first day of the month it's the perfect way to start off my month! I am convinced I can do this because I've been doing it for the last few weeks (except for the alcohol part, I've been naughty!) but lets all kick of butt this February! I believe in you :) 


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