Food Diary// Green Drink

Good morning! 
We got hit with a bit of a snow storm last night, nothing major though! We have seriously been lucking out this winter, compared to last year it's been a breeze! But I do have to admit that I am looking forward to spring and summer weather! 

Since I have started this journey of becoming a healthier me, I have seen a lot of these green drinks on instagram, curious as to what they may be or taste like I finally decided to try it out. Its not horrible, its not the best drink in the world but it's drinkable and knowing how its good for me and gives me so many nutrients just makes it that much easier to drink. 

What you will need: 
handful of spinach
cut up ginger (however much you'd like)
an apple (peeled and diced) 
cucumber (peeled and diced, not a whole one just as much as you'd like) 
half a lemon (squeezed)
filtered water 

After washing and cutting everything up I put it in my magic bullet and let it blend away! Once it's done it will have pulp in it (lots of it) so I usually just strain it and then drink away! It'll all take you about 20 minutes to do but it's NOT hard at all! It's super easy and very beneficial to your health! 

So, give it a try and let me know if you like it ;) 



Motivation Monday


Another weekend just flew by and it's Monday again.

This weekend was so filled with indulging I actually felt a little guilty!! For the first time in my life I crushed a 12" sub last night. WHAT is that?! Haha where the hell did this new appetite come from?! I do not feel THAT bad about it so, I am moving on. Life is about balance so it's okay. I probably won't be doing that again anytime soon BUT I am glad that I did do it. 

I am curious to see how my week will pan out, my mom is away in Europe so she has left me the responsibility of her company. I feel like it may get a little stressful but I really hope it doesn't interfere with my workouts and eating healthy. I need to plan out my week today (my least busy day) and make sure I stay on track and focus. I have come SO far and I am SO proud of my body and motivation that I don't want to let it up. No excuses, right? 

After my weekend of indulging it's time to get back on track. I feel a little bloated and sluggish but thats nothing a little exercise and healthy foods can't help me with! So let's kick week 7's ass shall we?! 

Have a good week my pretties! 



Food diary // what I'm eating

The one upside of having a long weekend is having a short week. Another upside is having a day off during that said week ;) I slept in, made myself some breakfast and now I'm just digesting before I go workout. 

Over these last couple of months I have been eating a lot healthier. I still have my "unhealthy" foods on the weekends, I mean what would life be like if I didn't allow myself to ever have a poutine again? It'd be pretty damn depressing! That being said,  I do strive to have balance in my life, there's a lot of good with a little bit of indulging and there is NOTHING wrong with that!

If you're needing ideas as to what "healthy" foods you should eat, here are a few of my favourite meals over these last few months! Above you have one of my go to breakfasts, when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to make a breakfast that takes a little more time I usually just have a slice of toast with peanut butter and banana and some coffee (I always have time for coffee). Although I absolutely love eating this meal, I do find that I get hungry very quickly about an hour after I have my breakfast. I've been beginning to double up on the toast because of it!

Here we have a "stir fry", which is also one of my favourites! I usually just throw in any veggies that I have and then match it with either rice or noodles. My stir fry's (if you wanna call them that) are kind of different though, I play around with flavouring a lot. Instead of using just soy sauce, which for some reason I find ruins it, I use a ton of garlic and a little bit of olive oil and black pepper. Sometimes, I'll even throw in pesto sauce instead. I find that I enjoy working with those flavours more than with soy or teriyaki, which to be fair one is filled with sodium and the other with sugar so I guess its good that I don't care for them! 

I am more of a chicken/turkey eater than any red meats or pork but above is a homemade hamburger made with beef from Brent's farm. Honestly, the meat we get from the farm is the only red meat that I really enjoy. I know where it's coming from and I know what it's fed and that's important to me. I would eventually like to find a farm that sells free range chicken and turkey meat but unfortunately we haven't found one that is reasonably priced. Anyways, we made homemade hamburgers and I topped mine with avocado, red onion, spinach, mustard and sriracha sauce. I also paired it with a salad thats topped with cucumbers and organic Italian dressing. It's a healthy take on an "unhealthy" meal. You can always have your cake and eat it too, you just need to find the healthier version of it ;) 

Are you guys bored of my food yet? If so, I apologize. We're almost done! So here we've got my main go-to breakfast. Avocado toast with an egg and sometimes the occasional turkey bacon! Super easy to make and honestly my favourite meal ever. 

Okay this soupy mess was delicious I promise. This is my famous "mac and cheese," it's not real mac and cheese obviously but it's homemade. I make the sauce myself and then just add a crap ton of veggies. This one here is vegetarian but I will sometimes add in ground chicken or ground turkey! 

Last but not least! We bought a rack of ribs the other day (for the first time EVER) and I was seriously clueless as to how we would spice it up. I found a pretty decent recipe on pinterest, all I used was spices to season it and left it in the slow cooker for a few hours. As a side I obviously threw together a bunch of veggies. It was a simple yet delicious meal!

Well there you have it, a small diary of things that I've been eating. Sure they may not be 100% up to health standards but they're all healthy enough for me. They keep me fuelled, my stomach happy and I'm feeling great. I love food and I honestly don't think I will ever be able to give up on food. I couldn't fathom not being able to eat the foods that I enjoy, so don't restrict yourself eat what your heart desires but eat in moderation! Balance is key! 



TGC update

Good Morning! 

And a happy Tuesday to you! It has been a couple of weeks since I have talked about The Greatest Candle and I'm here to report that the holidays went fairly well! We have been at the farmers market for about two weeks and we're beginning to be recognized as "the candle people" lol I found it pretty exciting! 

I really love that there is beginning to be interest in the product, I know all these things take time. We have only been open for about four months now and brand awareness is a huge process! But slow and steady wins the race right? 

For Valentine's Day I made these cute little candles in mini mason jars and they we're a hit! People loved how cute they were! This weekend was the first weekend that we've sold the most DIY kits! People are starting to want to try it themselves and it's just so exciting! 

I really hope that we can keep this traction going. Building a business is HARD but I truly believe that it's going to be so worth it. Just the fact that we're already gaining awareness and making a small change in helping our environment is a big deal to me. 

So theres your update! It isn't much but like I said it's a process at least things are beginning to happen :) Hope you have a great week! 


Motivation Monday

Good morning! It's already Monday, sheesh the weekend does seem to fly doesn't it? Lately, it seems like the weeks are flying by too. I can't believe we're already halfway through February! Where has the time gone?

Anyways, I have been feeling SO good about my progress! Working out daily, eating healthy and just being in a positive mindset has really been doing the trick. I look healthy and most importantly I feel healthy! 

I have never been more proud of my body. I am feeling so good and for the first time in my life I look in the mirror and think "holy shit I look great!" It's such a confidence boost to really appreciate yourself. I find that self-love has always been very very difficult to achieve but I'm slowly doing it. I'm loving who I am, who I've become and will continue to work on loving myself. And honestly you should too!

No matter what you look like, where you're from or what you're personality is like remember to love yourself. You're amazing. You are you. There is no one in this world like you. Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same person? God, I couldn't even fathom it. I like being me. I have my flaws but then again who doesn't? You have to embrace who you are, the good and the bad. Because that is you and you are so beautiful.

Also, side note: Look at my arms! I'm beginning to see a little bit of definition. I have to admit that working out my arms has been the MOST difficult part of the journey. I have no upper body strength but that is slowly changing! Every week I'm getting a little stronger and every week I'm getting prouder. I don't think I'll ever be super jacked (then again I don't want too) but I  do want to have a bit of muscle on my arms. I believe that slowly I will get there. This is a journey not a race, I'm taking my healthy lifestyle week by week and I'm enjoying the ride. 

I hope that you're valentines day was fill with a lot of love and that you all have a wonderful week.



Rosemary tea

Good morning my pretties! 

Hope the week has been treating you well! Tomorrow is Friday, yay! We've been getting a bunch of snow here in southwestern Ontario. I am dying for summer!! 

So, as I have reported before I have been suffering from thinning hair. I don't know what has caused it but it's been a thing for the last few years! 

I am happy to report that my hair seems to be on the mend. It's slowly thickening up again and it is no where near as bad as it used to be! I have of course been taking biotin pills (it helps provide nutrients to thicken hair and nails) and I've been making a lot of hair masks! Coconut oil masks, egg masks, avocado masks, you say it and I've probably tried it! 

I have recently heard that Rosemary Tea helps with thickening and making your hair long. Since I have nothing better to do and the fact that I'm also desperate for anything, I've given it a try. All you need to do is take fresh piece of Rosemary, boil it as you would tea and let it cool. Have your regular shower and once your done, dump the tea over your hair. Do NOT wash it out afterwards. Let it sit and then dry off as you normally would. 

It literally takes no effort and you can do it once or twice a week! I have only been doing it for a couple of weeks so I don't really notice much change yet but I'm still hopeful! 

Have a happy Thursday babes!! 



Motivation Monday


Good Morning! 

Another Monday is here, another new day to start your week off fresh and positive! Put yourself in a new mindset, be kind to your body, mind and soul. If you had an indulging weekend (like myself) it's okay, it's Monday now, start over and do your week right! One bad meal (or several in my case) won't kill you. Life is about balance and being happy, not about restrictions and self guilt. 

Over these last couple of weeks it's like there has been a switch in my brain and I'm feeling good. I mean really good. My mood has improved, my energy levels are up and all around I'm feeling great. 

Last week we even had a few bumps in the road and I was able to recover quite quickly from it. A month ago I would have dwelled about it and literally made myself sick from overthinking and my anxiety. 

So as we all know last week I wanted to take part of the "perfect week" and it went pretty well up until Friday! Ha! Weekends always get me! As much as I enjoy my healthy eating and of course my exercise, once the weekend rolls around I find that it's just time to let myself have my fun. I ate healthy Monday to Friday morning, I worked out every day (except for Saturday and Sunday) and I continued to drink lots of water, get enough sleep and choose the healthier options when I could! I find that if you eat well all week a couple of "dirty" treats on the weekend won't hurt you. 

Fresh orange, melon & ginger juice from my work day at the farmers market. SO good.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like balance. If I restrict myself too much I find myself unhappy and unwilling to go on. I begin to dread my workouts and I begin to obsess over food. I do not want to be someone who counts calories, macros or any of those other things. As long as I'm eating healthy and good foods 90% of the time I feel like the rest of the "dirty" 10% is just fine. 

Can I just note that I hate when we call food that is slightly unhealthy "dirty." I know I used it twice in this post but what other word can we use for it? hmm, maybe I'll just call them treats. Yep, good idea. 

Anyways, I am so glad that I have finally found a lifestyle that fits. It makes me happier and just the fact that I have been able to keep it up for over two months means I'm doing something right.  

I hope you all have yourselves a great week, think positive, live happy and be free!



food diary // healthy blueberry muffins

I've been craving baked goods lately and since anything you buy in store or at a timmies is usually sugar loaded and not healthy at all, I've begun experimenting a lot more in the kitchen. 

Not to be conceded or anything but I am an amazing cook. I can make a very delicious meal and most of the times I come up with random recipes while I'm cooking. I never remember them so usually no two meals are the same lol I only have ONE recipe that I really know off by heart and that would be my famous healthy mac n cheese! I'll have to do a post on that one another time. 

Anyways, when it comes to baking for some reason I just suck at it. I can never get recipes right. For some reason I just can't do it BUT now that I have been trying to bake healthier alternatives I have been having mad luck. Last week I found a recipe for apple oat muffins and they were decent just not sweet enough. Today, I went back to find that recipe and add a few changes but I couldn't for the life of me find it. 

So, today I ended up trying to remember what I had done and kind of winged it. And guess what folks, my muffins turned out fricken awesome. HELL YES. 

Unfortunately since I had no idea what I was doing and was just hoping for the best I didn't take any pictures so I only have pictures of the finished product. 

Now ladies and gents here is the easiest recipe of life and if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

To make 12 smallish muffins you will need: 
2 bananas (blended)
2.5 cups of oats (I buy the really fine chopped up stuff)
1 egg
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1/4 cup of almond milk (I don't even think I used all of it, I eyeballed it) 
3 Handfuls of blueberries
Honey (however much you'd like)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 

Blend up the bananas until they are nice and smooth, no bumps! Add in the egg and mixed it up. Then add the oats and baking powder. While mixing that all together slowly add some almond milk, you want it to be a bit runny but not like its super soupy. Add in the blueberries and honey and mix it all up. 

Use coconut oil to grease up your muffin tin and then pour in the batter. Place in oven for 30 minutes and voila! If you're lucky (like I was) you'll have delicious muffins! 

Hope this was helpful! Ha like I said I'm not a baker, I winged it and it turned out great! Here's hoping yours do too! 



random talk

Good morning my pretties! 

How has your week been going? Well, I hope! Today is my first day off in over a week! It feels so good! I'm currently in bed watching some netflix and getting myself ready for the busy day I have ahead of me! I've got a very long to do list and it needs to get done! 

Last week my mom and I joined a gym and yesterday we took our first Zumba class together. It was absolutely hilarious and so much fun! My mom has only recently become active, my nagging has finally gotten to her. I feel like over the years her physical activity has gone down and since in the future Brent and I would like to have children, I want her to be healthy and strong to keep up with them! Call me selfish but I truly believe that exercising would be so good for her and she seems to agree. She is enjoying it and even though yesterday wasn't her most coordinated dancing day, she was so proud of herself and excited to take more classes so that she can get the hang of it! I have to admit I'm pretty proud of her too and I'll be joining her every step of the way! My mom has definitely become my workout partner and I believe everyone truly needs one! :) 

I also took the picture above yesterday, sometimes waking up super early has its perks. I have an odd obsession with the moon, so when I looked up and I saw it perfectly lit against the rising sun it just took my breath away. I don't know what it is but I sure love staring at the moon and just imagining what the view from up there must look like. The picture obviously doesn't give it much justice since it was taken with my phone, but it's the thought that counts right? 

Anyways, todays post wasn't really anything special nor was it a "content" filled post. It's more of just a little blurb on whats going on in this brain of mine and an excuse to post a pretty picture ;) 

I hope that you are all having a great week! 



Motivation Monday

Rabbit, Rabbit!! 
Good Morning Lovelies!  

I had a very busy weekend, a lot of working and networking was done! I love being productive on the weekends, it just feels good ya know? 

Well, lets talk about this picture for a minute shall we? On the left we have my "before" picture, this was when I was not working out at all and eating very unhealthy. Although, I was NOT fat I was not fit. 

Over the last couple of years I have been working my ass off to reach a place where I am happy with my body, there have been many ups and many lows but I feel like I have finally hit a milestone. I am finally comfortable with my body, I have found a lifestyle that fits me and I am so happy about it! 

This time around the Kayla workouts have been so much easier (just kidding, I still sweat my ass off) but I am far more dedicated to this lifestyle than I ever have been before. Looking good makes me feel good, it's like a drug you just keep wanting more!

This picture was the first time I compared the two and it honestly blew me away, I couldn't believe how much of a change my body has made and I am so damn proud of myself! I have integrated myself way more into the bbg community and I love it. It is a community of women who are so supportive of each other and they make it so much easier, I seriously love it!

This week there is a hashtag going around #oneperfectweek, this perfect week entails: 

NO cheat meals
Clean Eating
No Alcohol 
No Added Sugar 
Lots of Water
6 Workout days and 1 Rest day 
Get Enough sleep! 

Since this is the first day of the month it's the perfect way to start off my month! I am convinced I can do this because I've been doing it for the last few weeks (except for the alcohol part, I've been naughty!) but lets all kick of butt this February! I believe in you :)