TGC Update

We have been receiving a lot of amazing pictures from customers who have made their own candles! We are loving how they are getting so creative and having fun! 

A few of our distributors have been having home parties with friends and family members, where they are showing off our products and having them make their very own candles! 

You can colour your candles any way that you want and as you can see above you can put the candles in so many different holders! You can decorate your own or find a nice holder to put it in! The options are endless. 

Every single candle here is contributing to helping our environment, that is 100ml less of used oil going into our oceans, lakes and the garbage. That is one less candle emitting toxic fumes into your home. 

You can personalize The Greatest Candle in any way that you want! You can make it fit your style and personality and have fun in the process! :) 

If you bought our New Pack Candle, you can reuse your glass candle holder to make the two candles that come with it! 

Seeing all of these candles made by people who want to make a change, who want to get creative and who want to have fun makes me so happy inside. We have created an awareness, we are making a small change and this company means more than anything to me. It is my new way of life, my healthy lifestyle. I am truly excited about it and I believe that one day we will be making a big change in the recycling world. 

Have a great Tuesday friends! 


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