This quote really resonates with me. I have always been afraid to take action because I've felt I was too small and could only do so little. 

Even when I was in my teens I hated the idea of polluting our planet, if my friends ever threw garbage out of the window (which they did) I would get SO upset, if I still see it now, it really pisses me off. You can wait the extra 5-20 minutes to throw it out in the right place. 

We only have one planet, there are millions upon millions of us humans any little movement in trying to conserve our planet helps. That's why starting The Greatest Candle felt like the right step for me. Not only am I trying to create a business for myself but I also get to raise awareness on an environmental issue and help try to diminish it. It's the best of both worlds. I am not saying my candles will help save the planet from the dangers of oil disposal but I truly believe that every candle (made by you or by us) counts. 

Here's some homework, this week why don't you try to place all your garbage and recycling in the right place. Even when it would just be easier to throw out your recycling try to recycle everything that you can. 

Starting small always leads to doing more! It's a one step at a time deal :) 


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