New Year, New Word

Oh my New Years romanticism has not failed me. This year my new years was super low key. It consisted of a bottle of wine, Brent's family and the countdown on the TV. 

Since we were heading to Disney the next day we didn't want to get too crazy, visiting three parks in one day, being surrounded by people and waiting in lines hungover did not sound appealing to us. 

I have to admit as the countdown began I got those typical butterflies. There is just something so exciting about a new year, it's magical to me. You make resolutions and usually forget about them but thats the magic in it, for those last few seconds of the old year you have a huge hope for the new year.  This year I am determined more than I have ever been, I have finally found a path that was meant for me. I have a sense of direction, I finally know what I want and nothing will stop me from reaching my goals. 

Last years word was "Me" I wanted to focus more on myself and treat myself better than I ever had. To be honest I failed miserably at it. I am my own worst critic, I reached lows that I never knew existed but I came out stronger. Still a little shaken of course but I know that my anxiety is NOT stronger than me and that it's literally all in my head. I have found that, praying yes you read that right praying has helped me. I am not a super religious person but I find that praying to God, the Universe whatever is out there has helped me be grateful for the life that I have. Because in reality, I do have it good, I am worth it and I am loved. 

Anyways, this years word is a bit different. This year I'm choosing the word "productive". That means focusing more on my goals, my work, my life than on Netflix. Last year I swear I spent a record amount watching Netflix and although I am not going to completely stop watching it, I want to watch a lot less of it. I want to have all my daily goals done before I sit down to rot my brain with tv. I want to read more, I want to inspire myself, I want to get creative again and to do that I need to be productive. Basically, quit being so damn lazy. So far so good but hey it's only January 7th, a lot can go wrong from here haha! 

Well here's to a New Year! If you have any resolutions or goals let me hear em'! I love hearing what you guys have in mind! 


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