Motivation Monday

Good morning my pretties!
I had a pretty busy weekend, with work meetings and a baby shower! It's so weird going to a friends baby shower, I mean I can't believe we're all at the age where this is the norm. We grow up so fast, its unbelievable, that being said I am super excited that we are at this stage in life. It's a fun and exciting time! 

Today I want to talk to you about fitness! The picture above is me touching my toes for longer than 10 seconds, for the first time ever. It was a pretty big deal to me. I am in no way flexible but ever since I have started yoga and don't think its been religious because it hasn't. It has taken me over a year to finally enjoy it but since I am enjoying it more, I am noticing that my balance is so much better than it used to be and I'm gaining some flexibility. If there's one thing in life I want it's flexibility, so naturally I'm hooked. I do yoga every other day and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Just looking at this picture gives me so much motivation. I mean LOOK AT IT! I'm touching my fricken toes! Ha! 

Before we left for Florida, I was working on the Bikini Body Guides, I had reached week 7 with some success. I felt stronger, could work out harder and not get exhausted but I wasn't seeing much results.  I had lost weight which I didn't want to, nor do I need to but it always happens when I get active. But despite the weight loss I wasn't noticing the results I was seeing back in June. I guess that would be because I didn't really change my eating habits. 

Don't get me wrong I don't eat junk food everyday but I'm also not reaching the right vegetable quota. Today marks the big Kayla Movement, where literally thousands of BBG girls are starting the guides off for the new year. 

I am joining the movement this year please note that this is NOT a new years resolution, this is a lifestyle change. Since I have already been doing BBG for a while, I want to really commit this time. I want to actually change my lifestyle, be healthier and make better choices. My body and mind craves for it. I have even bought The Skinny Confidential's new book about how to change your lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle, more on this later! 

I am so excited to join the movement and even though it says you can start off at any week (i'd be technically on week 8) I want to start over. Week 1 and this time I will finish week 12. I always seem to get to week 8 and something stops me lol since I have no trips planned in the next 12 weeks I am positive I can FINALLY finish it!

Are you joining the movement?! If you are I want to hear all about it! 


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