It's smoothie time

Hey guys, so I've been obsessing over smoothies lately. I'm literally always hungry and since I'm always on the go, I have been turning more and more towards smoothies. They're so good and they help me get way more greens in me because lets me real here, sometimes eating a salad just ain't gonna cut it. 

Here I made a yummy peanut butter banana smoothie! It's super easy to make: 

Couple handfuls of spinach
One whole banana 
1 cup of almond milk 
A tablespoon of peanut butter 
A square piece of dark organic chocolate
and as much ice as you'd like

Blend it all together and voila! You've got yourself a yummy smoothie! I made one today where I added just a little bit of ginger, you could definitely taste it but it wasn't too overwhelming! Word on the street is that ginger helps boost your metabolism, so why not give it a try too?! 

Hope you all have a very lovely weekend! 


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