it's official

Yesterday, I got one of the most exciting letters I have ever gotten in my life! 

Inside this envelope is a piece of paper that tells me that I am officially a Portuguese citizen. 

This. is. so. freaking. exciting!!!!! 

It has only taken me 24 years to finally get on it but alas, it's finally here! Last November the Portuguese Consulate came to my hometown, so my mom and I went in and signed me up. It literally took five minutes. I don't understand why we waited so long but Brent made it very clear to me that he really wanted me to get the citizenship before we are married. Let me tell you why, Mr. Brent Swance would like to eventually become a Portuguese Citizen as well! You see, once he is married to be for three year he can apply and hopefully be accepted! I am so truly lucky to have someone in my life who loves my culture as much as I do. Next to Canada, Portugal is definitely his favourite country! 

Having this Citizenship means so much to me. I truly feel like all those years in Portuguese school, 12 to be exact, were finally worth it. I can now live in any country in Europe that is a part of the European Union. Being a child of immigrants really does pay off! Ha! 

This little envelope has seriously just made me so happy. I am so so so excited to get married in Portugal and to bring all our friends over to such my beautiful country. 

Although I was born a Canadian, Portuguese blood runs through these veins, I was raised Portuguese and my children will also be raised with all our traditions. It is so important to uphold these traditions, I love that when I go to Portugal I can understand the language, I can speak the language and most importantly when I am walking around the historic city of Lisbon I know it's history. I know where my ancestors came from and that is a beautiful thing! 

So here's to a new year and a new chapter in my life! 


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