Every year I set resolutions and unfortunately 99% of the time they always fall through. I don't think I'm a failure at all lol I just think that it's human nature to sometimes stray away from it unless you're really set on the changes. In 2015 I had many highs and many lows but I have to say that I was able to end the year on a high note.

This year as you may have read in a post I posted a few days ago that my new word of the year is Productive. So far I have been super productive, my mindset has completely changed and I want to achieve my goals this year. I want to be proud of who I will become and who I am now. So here are a few of the goals that I (and some of them are set for Brent too haha) have set! 

1. Take more pictures - I feel like my picture taking over the years has gone down so much and I absolutely need to treasure these moments of my life. I don't mean staying glued to my phone but to take pictures of the special and sometimes mundane moments in life.

2. Take an hour every day away from my phone - I am on my phone constantly, checking FB, Instagram and twitter. It's not always productive sometimes its mindless looking but I feel like if I give myself an hour a day with no phone, I can take some time to focus on other things. 

3. Post more on the blog- Blogging has always been a love of mine but the fear of what people will think has always kept me back a bit. I have decided to really not give a shit about peoples opinions and write this blog for myself. Some days something useful may be on here and others it could just be nonsense and rambling. It's MY corner of the internet and I want to enjoy it. 

4. Grow The Greatest Candle- We have only just begun this business and I have a HUGE list of goals for this on its own. A little summary of it all is just put my best foot forward and really push to grow this company, to provide environmental awareness and to help change the industry a bit. I honestly think we need more chemical free products in our stores and lives, I am so blessed and lucky that I get to help provide it and help the cause! 

6.  Be Kind to MYSELF- This one is important. Last year, I was so mean to myself, I was just so nasty and looking back I think its so sad. It's crazy what anxiety can do to you, how it can totally shift your mind. I am not useless, I am not ugly and I am worth it. I am a good friend, a good daughter, a good fiance, a good sister and a good business owner. I need to remind myself this every day. 

7. Live well- I feel like I have been on the right track for this for the past few months. I want to continue exercising regularly and eat more vegetables. I want to meditate more and teach myself the importance of a healthy mind. Mental health is so important to me, as someone who can fall down the rabbit whole pretty quickly, I want to really focus on keeping my mind happy and clean. 

8. Care about my appearance- I am someone who really doesn't care about going out in public in sweats, no makeup and hair all greasy. I want to change that. Although, I will never really give up on my sweats and no make up. I still want to make sure I look half decent. Of course when it comes to going out I will always try to look my best, I'm still a girl here ;) 

9. Take care of my body- I mean do more face masks, wash my face every night, lather my body in lotion. Exfoliate my body. Wear more sunscreen. All these things are super important. Because when you feel like you look good, you FEEL good. 

10. Laugh more- As we grow up sometimes it seems like we don't have those belly laughs anymore (unless your dirnking) but I want to laugh more, to live more, to get excited more, to really appreciate this thing that we call life. We only have one life, why not make the best of it?

Well those are 10 of my 2016 goals! I have a million more but these will just have to suffice for now! Do you have any 2016 goals?


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