Travel diary // Florida

Oh Florida, how I missed thee. 

This year we drove down to Florida, honestly the drive wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. Sure, American drivers don't really know how to use their blinkers... here's a tip: its that little thingy mabob on the left hand side of your steering wheel, it moves up and down to show others that you want to go either left or right! Other than that, it was pretty smooth sailing! Thank goodness, I felt a bit stressed out thinking it would be worse than it was! Maybe we we're just lucky. 

Anyways, we got PERFECT weather all week. I mean seriously, the last two times we have gone to Florida we have been stuck with crap cold and rainy weather! It was 30 degrees the WHOLE week and holy moly was I happy. I have a pretty sick tan and this is an important thing. 

There was a lot of selfies with this guy, I bought an awesome selfie stick at dollarama for $3!!! So we put it to very good use, except for Disney... Did you know that you can't bring them into the parks? Good thing I have long arms ;) 

I got to spend a lot of time with Brents sister and his mom, honestly I am so grateful for being a part of such an amazing family. I love these Swances of mine. 

One last 2015 selfie, of course. For someone who hates pictures I was pretty impressed with how he accepted the fact that he had no choice in the matter. I feel like as the years have gone by the amount of pictures we have taken has gone done substantially, that is a 2016 goal of mine. Take more pictures!! 

The best big sister I could ever ask for. Seriously, hit the jack pot with this one. She laughs AT me all the time but I know that there is pure love there. She is my Nicholas Sparks movie partner, my cuddle buddy and my amazing bridesmaid. 

Ahhhhh, Disney was so great this year! We went on January 1st, what better way to start off the New Year am I right?! We got pretty lucky, both Epcot and Hollywood Studios we're pretty easy to get around, we got on all the rides we wanted too with little to no wait. Once we got to Magic Kingdom, it was all huge lines and too many people. The magic was still there but I think this is our last trip to disney until we have children now! 

Of course we had to ride the Star Wars ride. We watched the movie the night it came out and we loved it! The ride was updated and BB-8 was also included in the fun. It was actually a great ride. 


Thanks for the amazing memories Florida, it's been real. We're back in the cold and although I hate it, I am so happy to be home, to be back at work and to be kicking 2016's ass! 

Have a happy Friday friends!


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