TGC update

Well guys we are starting to slowly grow! 

These last couple of months have been very stop and go when it comes to the business but Brent and I are not feeling the least bit defeated. We understand that every business takes a while to grow and we are more than willing to wait for it to grow. 

The fact that our product is being placed into stores is unbelievable to us! We are so excited. We have big dreams for our company and slowly but surely I know we will accomplish them. It takes a lot of patience to run a company and you make a bunch of mistakes (trust me I totally know that one) but making those mistakes only means that you are trying to do your best. We have been learning and growing and that is all that I can ask from myself. No one is born knowing it all. 

Anyways, this is a small 'big' step for us and we are so excited! So if you're in the Oshawa area feel free to stop by the Kingsway Greenhouse to check out their spectacular plants and buy an environmental candle to go with it :) Our candles make great christmas gifts! 

Have a happy Friday friends!

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