Six Years

This post is just a littttttle bit delayed, like a couple of weeks... but who's counting?

Wow. Our six year anniversary has come and gone. I am so unbelievably blessed to have such an amazing man by my side. Seriously, I am lucky.

It's kind of surreal how fast the years fly by. Six years ago we drunkenly started dating, waking up in the morning and thinking to ourselves "I guess we'll see how this goes."  I never would have imagined I'd be marrying him, although a month in I knew I had found the one.

Having someone has thoughtful and caring as Brent is so refreshing, even after all these years. Here is a man who loves to take care of me, who accepts me for all that I am (crazy and all) and who time and time again has shown me he loves me unconditionally. I am so so blessed.

Thank you Brent for always loving me, for pushing me to be better, for wanting a good life for us and for always staying by my side.

I love you to the edge of the universe and back.


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