TGC update

Well guys we are starting to slowly grow! 

These last couple of months have been very stop and go when it comes to the business but Brent and I are not feeling the least bit defeated. We understand that every business takes a while to grow and we are more than willing to wait for it to grow. 

The fact that our product is being placed into stores is unbelievable to us! We are so excited. We have big dreams for our company and slowly but surely I know we will accomplish them. It takes a lot of patience to run a company and you make a bunch of mistakes (trust me I totally know that one) but making those mistakes only means that you are trying to do your best. We have been learning and growing and that is all that I can ask from myself. No one is born knowing it all. 

Anyways, this is a small 'big' step for us and we are so excited! So if you're in the Oshawa area feel free to stop by the Kingsway Greenhouse to check out their spectacular plants and buy an environmental candle to go with it :) Our candles make great christmas gifts! 

Have a happy Friday friends!



(im not understand why my pictures won't be centred but please bear with me. I'll figure it out)

Self-love is one of the hardest things to accomplish. I mean, I do like myself a lot but that doesn't mean I don't criticize myself. Have you ever heard, "you are your own worst critic?" Yeah, I can be an absolute nightmare. 

For example, over the weekend Brent and I had to film ourselves saying a bit for a new company that were working for. It was something small saying how excited we were to be joining up with said company. We finished after about a million takes (reading lines can be hard!!) it was edited and then sent. The whole time Brent was editing, I kept looking at my face and criticizing how stupid I looked, how I should be looking more at the camera, how I should be smiling more or looking more fake. It was just a bombardment of criticism. 

The next day we showed up at the company's meeting and I got SO many compliments on the video. People came up to us and said how lovely we looked and how well done it was. So there I was thinking about how hard I was on myself when EVERYONE loved it. 

My goal is to love myself more, criticize less and just be kinder to myself. I mean, I have always thought I'm pretty awesome (my ego can be a bit big sometimes) but that doesn't keep me from self-loathing and that is a little sad to me. 

So here's to loving yourself more. You are worth it. Everyday look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are, I promise you'll start believing it more!! 

Have a great humpday!



Six Years

This post is just a littttttle bit delayed, like a couple of weeks... but who's counting?

Wow. Our six year anniversary has come and gone. I am so unbelievably blessed to have such an amazing man by my side. Seriously, I am lucky.

It's kind of surreal how fast the years fly by. Six years ago we drunkenly started dating, waking up in the morning and thinking to ourselves "I guess we'll see how this goes."  I never would have imagined I'd be marrying him, although a month in I knew I had found the one.

Having someone has thoughtful and caring as Brent is so refreshing, even after all these years. Here is a man who loves to take care of me, who accepts me for all that I am (crazy and all) and who time and time again has shown me he loves me unconditionally. I am so so blessed.

Thank you Brent for always loving me, for pushing me to be better, for wanting a good life for us and for always staying by my side.

I love you to the edge of the universe and back.




So often I find myself thinking about tomorrow, next week or next year. I am not that great at "living in the moment,"  I'm always making plans, thinking about whats next. I am trying really hard to live in the now. To enjoy my life now and not thinking about what it could be later. 

Making the most out of everyday is important because these days fly by. Like hello, its almost Christmas! It's really time to just stop for a minute and take in this beautiful life. There are so many things to be grateful for, I have to remember to slow down and take it in. How do you keep your happiness? I'd love to know!



Weekend update

After what felt like the longest most emotionally draining week, I am happy to report that my weekend went pretty good. It's always a blessing when you have great nights with friends, whether is chilling out at home or out at a Halloween party. We spent a lot of time socializing and "getting out there" haha. We had a very exciting meeting this weekend too! The Greatest Candle is slowly making progress and it makes me so excited, I am in no hurry to have our business booming though. I want to make sure we're doing everything right and proper instead of quick and messy. These things take time ;) 

(for some reason these photos DO NOT want to be centered, ugh)

This is year six of mine and Brents relationship, our anniversary is coming up soon! I am only announcing this because it took us SIX years to finally dress up together on Halloween! To be fair I haven't ever gone to a Halloween party with him haha we always did this separately, don't ask me why! But anyways, I think that we were some pretty fabulous pirates! 

These ladies made my night such a hit. After struggling this week it was so fun going out and having a great time. They had the idea of our new hashtag, cuz you know marketing! It's always amazing to have so many people supportive of your dreams, wanting to build you up and not tear you down. 

Keep those kinds of people around you peeps! 

Have a very Happy Monday friends and a great week too!