Heyyyyyy ohhhhhh, it's Friyay!!! 

I am so excited that it's friday! I get to actually sleep in tomorrow and that is so exciting! Anyways, I figured I'd put up a quote of the week today since our week is almost over! 

It's funny what negativity or a bad attitude can do to you. It can bring you down from a positive high in one quick minute. It takes one mean thing to make you feel belittled and worthless and I'm tired of it. 

For a really long time I'd let people's negativity get to me, I was incapable of pulling myself out of their harsh words and it was hard for me to just move on from them. Over these last few years I have trying really really hard to not let others affect me. That's not to say that they don't ever anymore but it's not nearly as bad as it was before. I often times can laugh at someones negative drama and think that its ridiculous, I don't mean to be meanie but if people stopped caring so much about pointless things our world would be a much better place. 

Whenever someone is being super negative, dramatic or mean to you just take a step away gather your thoughts and remember, it's not worth it. Life is GOOD. It can push you down sometimes but thats LIFE don't let someone bring you down, you're worth all the positive and happy energy in the world. Embrace the good. Love hard and laugh always! 

Happy Friday friends! 


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