Portugal x2

In June my sister and I went on a sisters trip. I got to go back to Portugal for the second time this year and it was bliss. I haven't been to Portugal in the summer in seven years, SEVEN whole years. I didn't even remember what I was missing because going back in the summer is SO much better than the winter. The beaches were to die for, the ice cream was necessary and the weather was unreal. Sunshine and a perfect not humid 30 degrees. Heaven in a country, no joke. 

We did a lot of sightseeing and eating. The food in Portugal is seriously delicious. Sidenote: I remember back when Brent and I went on our Eurotrip in 2012, we visited England, Italy, France and Portugal. Once we finally got to Portugal we literally ate SO MUCH FOOD. England, Italy and France all had delicious food too, but it was only ever ONE type of food. 

England - Fish & Chips (AND Nandos) 
Italy - Pizza & Pasta 
France - Chocolate Croissants

But in Portugal it's a variety of delicious food, not just one food group. Everything from the chicken, the beef, the fish to the deserts and drinks are delicious. Portugal offers you a variety of different foods and they're mostly all amazing. 


Our ten days away were much needed and so much fun. I enjoyed spending some real quality time with my sister. I feel as we grow up life gets in the way and you just get so busy so it was nice to have a little getaway with her. I am so fortunate to have such a great little sister, we fight, we make up but were together through thick and thin. I love you pips! 

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