Less than a year

Good Morning chickens!! 

Hope you all had a wonderful sleep. I am so so excited to announce that we have reached less than a year till the wedding status! Heyyyooooooh! (we totally reached it a couple of weeks ago but whatev's, July 13th 2016 ALL THE WAY!) 

We are super stoked and hope that the year will go by super quickly! I'm totally wayyy more excited to travel with all my favourite people than the wedding, haha! Not that the wedding isn't important because duh, it totally is! But to me the importance is the fact that all my favourite people on earth will be there to celebrate! 

Since Brent and I live together I already feel like I'm his wife. Seriously, I look at him and think dammnnn thats my hubby. So getting married will truly feel like a celebration of us, along with having all those who we hold dear to us there. 

Our wedding is only a day, it's our marriage that I'm excited about. There will be ups and there will be downs but having Brent by my side every step of the way is exhilarating. There is no one on this planet I would rather go through life with. 

He's my superman dudes and it's pretty great. 

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