Good morning chickens! 

For this weeks quote I chose one from Audrey Hepburn, she's classic and timeless and I'd say a pretty smart woman. 

This quote is spot on. I truly believe that if you want something you gotta do it yourself. Yes, receiving help is always helpful but in my case since I am such a perfectionist, I usually just do it myself. It always turns out better that way ;) 

Doing things myself and using my own hands always makes me feel more accomplished. I look at the end result or finished task and I'm always so proud of myself. I am a 'doer', always have been and always will be. I like getting things done, sometimes I procrastinate HARD but I always get it done. 

Remember, your hands can actually do many magical things when you believe in yourself you can accomplish great things, little things or all the things. Give yourself some credit, your hands are there for helping. 

Have a happy Tuesday!


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