Good morning chickens! 

For this weeks quote I chose one from Audrey Hepburn, she's classic and timeless and I'd say a pretty smart woman. 

This quote is spot on. I truly believe that if you want something you gotta do it yourself. Yes, receiving help is always helpful but in my case since I am such a perfectionist, I usually just do it myself. It always turns out better that way ;) 

Doing things myself and using my own hands always makes me feel more accomplished. I look at the end result or finished task and I'm always so proud of myself. I am a 'doer', always have been and always will be. I like getting things done, sometimes I procrastinate HARD but I always get it done. 

Remember, your hands can actually do many magical things when you believe in yourself you can accomplish great things, little things or all the things. Give yourself some credit, your hands are there for helping. 

Have a happy Tuesday!



Motivation Monday

Good Morning lovelies!! 

This weekend was a bit of an indulging weekend. I beat myself up for maybe a millisecond but got over it pretty quick. I believe in balance, in eating healthy 90% of the time but letting yourself slip for a couple of days is okay too! 

Today I'm starting week 4 of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and I'm loving it. I'm feeling so motivated and with it. It feels good to get back into it, like really get back into it. I'm actually looking forward to working out now and being constantly active. 

It has taken me a few months to feel this way but I am more than determined to keep going because being healthy is important to me, both physical and mentally. 

So, since it's motivational Monday you should get up, work out and have a wonderful day! 


The weird

Hi Hi Hi and Happy Friday!! 

I am starting a new series on the blog (first time?) and it's going to be called 'The weird.' Yep, you guessed it! It's gonna be all about weird things that I find on the internet. Since I am called weird on a weekly basis (thanks to my loving fiancĂ© and sister) I figured why not dedicate a bit of my blog to weird and nutso things that happen on this beautiful earth of ours! 

First up, the Dildo Urn. 

The other day, one of my best friends sent me THIS article. Take a read if you'd like, it's actually pretty crazy. This is an actual thing. You can put your deceased beloved into a dildo, I'll make this a note to remember. Ha! Seriously, though this is pretty hilarious! Now even if you're beloved is dead you can still have intimacy with them albeit it'll be a bit lonely but they'll definitely be there. Sheesh. The things that they come up with! But hey, if you have one, no judgement! All the power to you! Anything to do with the dead just creeps me out. 



Happy Happy Birthday, little one!! 

Ahh. I cannot believe my little sister is no longer a teen! Where did the time go?! My sister is four years younger than me and although I am not THAT much older than her I have always acted like I was her mom. Haha my sister comes to me ALL the time and makes me talk my mom into letting her do what she wants or sometimes my mom comes and tattles on her and makes me give her a talking to. So, I have spent a lot of time being a BIG sister and telling her what to do, we are very very close and the fact that she is TWENTY now is freaking me the eff out!!! 

You have become such an amazing woman and I am so beyond lucky to have you as a sister. I am so happy that you will be standing up with me on my big day and I wouldn't choose anyone else in this world to be my maid of honour. You are always there when I need you, even though you make fun of me most of the time, you know exactly what to say to make better. You are as much my best friend as you are my sister. 

You will always be my little baby sister, I love you to the moon and back. Always.