getting it together

Are you feeling sad, alone, depressed, frustrated or anxious? That's okay because you're not alone. I know you may feel alone and scared and that no one loves you but I promise you that you are loved. You are wanted. You are beautiful. How would I know? Well, because I think that you're beautiful, I love you and I care about you!

You may think that I'm a complete weirdo and that's okay! I am weird but I also care about people I have never met before because I know what it's like to feel broken. Sometimes you fall apart and it is SO hard to put yourself back together and thats okay! As long as you're making an effort that is all anyone can ever ask of you. 

These last few months I have felt so beaten down, I have allowed my demons to take control of every aspect of my brain. I have beaten myself up and told myself so many hurtful and shameful things. Things that I KNOW aren't true. My demons are making it all up and in the process I am losing myself. But you know what? I am fighting them. I am fighting the asshole side of my brain and telling it that enough is enough. I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am NOT useless and I am cared about. And do you know who has made me believe all these things? Myself. 

I have stopped telling myself that I am not enough and its helping. 

There is a saying "Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening," you are always listening to what you're telling yourself. So if you look in the mirror and constantly think that you are not beautiful, you will begin to believe that you aren't beautiful and that is just horse shit. Life gives you the experiences that you yourself think and feel are worthy of receiving, so start believing that you deserve the world and you will receive the world. 

Every single day, tell yourself that you're beautiful, that you're worthy of this life, that you are wanted, that you are useful and smart and I promise that slowly you will begin to believe yourself. 

Let's start building ourselves up and stop tearing ourselves down. We are all perfectly imperfect. And we all deserve to love ourselves. 

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