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My trip has come to an end! It's a bittersweet day, I am happy to be going home and be reunited with Brent, my sister and friends but I am so sad to leave this beautiful country and my WHOLE family behind. It's always so sucky but this is life and I will be back in no time :) 

This trip has been so amazing and so good for my soul. I have had so much time to think about my future, what I want and what I'm looking forward to. I have also had the time to really count my blessings and think about all the good that I have in my life. Sometimes taking a break from the real world is needed, when life gets so busy you feel like you can hardly breathe its so nice to just put a huge stop sign up and just relax. 

I am so happy that I had the time to reflect about life and everything that comes with it. I feel that when I'm home sometimes I am just too busy to think and I hate it. I need to take more breaks like this, not three weeks long but you know what I mean. When you get the chance to really think about how good you have it, it pushes those stupid negative demons so far down and muffles their noises and lets you feel free. When life gets so busy and you have so much work it's so easy to have negativity and exhaustion cloud your judgement about how you feel about life, so I am glad I had this time to really appreciate it.

Although this trip was filled with travelling and planning for the wedding, it has been very relaxing. I feel at peace with my wedding plans, the big stuff is all done I officially have a ceremony location and venue. I can finally breathe and quit stressing and now think about how I want to decorate. Ha! I know that'll cause another headache but I'm just going to enjoy this relief. 

Dear Portugal, thank you thank you thank you. I have loved all your beautiful cities, your architecture, your amazing food and most importantly your extremely fattening mouth watering delicious pastries. I am so happy that Brent and I are getting married here and you will always be so very special to me. I love you and thank you for always being SO good to me. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your week is a great one too!  

See you soon Canada 

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