What would I do? There is a list of things that I would do and I wish I had the balls to just do it. I don't know why but sometimes I feel like there is something in me that was born to just say eff it to the conventional way of life. To the whole live in one place and find a career kind of life. I feel like I was meant to travel the whole world, live with nothing but the clothes on my back and Brent by my side. I wish that both he and I could find it in ourselves to just drop everything and go but obviously its all easier said then done and as easy as it is to dream of it its easier to talk ourselves out of it. I mean money is a huge issue here, can we just win the lottery already?! 

Here are five things on my list of things that I would do if I weren't afraid. 

1. Pack up all our stuff and travel the world
2. Learn how to surf (sharks and being in open water terrify me) 
3. Really let some people know how I feel (I am very open and speak my mind but people would be surprised with how much I really do hold back) 
4. Take more chances
5. Completely and utterly let myself be myself. I'm slowly getting there and accepting my weirdness but with years of bullying comes years of keeping it in. 

Let me know what yours are in the comments section! I'd love to know! 


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