wedding talk // Kate spade

Holy crapola. 

Did you guys know that Kate Spade has a whole entire bridal section?! I had absolutely no idea and now that I have found, I've gotta say I am obsessed! Although, everything is way over priced I have to admit there are a few things on there that I am interested in. Bridal gifts anyone? ;) A few of the items above were my favourite things, the bangle comes with engravings for your bridesmaids or maid of honour and that "mrs" necklace calls to me "kathy, oh kathy.. you NEED me." 

Kate spade is my favourite. I have never bought a purse because they're hella expensive and I haven't had the "right" moment to buy it. I told Brent that kate spade to me is a poor girls Birkin. I just watched the episode on Gilomore girls where Logan buys Rory her Birkin bag and its a big deal... You know what I mean? I dropped some hints. Maybe for my birthday I'll get one?! We shall see ;) 

Side note: I just arrived in Portugal this morning at 4am (canada time) I'm finally winding down from a long day of seeing family and catching up. I am running on no sleep, the jet lag is totally getting to me right now. It's only 9:30pm (portugal time) and I'm already heading for bed! I am so excited to be here and to start wedding plans, this is such an exciting and crazy time for us! I can't believe its all happening! Have a wonderful week friends!


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