Travel diary // Up North

Hello, hello, Hello!!

Wow, am I the worst or what?! So much for keeping up with the blog... I guess my only excuse is I've been enjoying this beautiful country and for that I am not sorry. 

These last two weeks (I've been gone for only two weeks?!!!) have been filled with delicious food, a lot of travelling, wedding planning, a visit from Brent and family time. It has been pure bliss! 

Last week Brent arrived on Saturday and although he already left on Friday we had a very very busy week! I'll obviously divvy up the trip into several posts ;) 

On Monday we drove up North to a small town called Orjais. We spent a night there and went sightseeing to the castles in the surrounding towns and we also visited the mountains. Although we have plenty of snow in Canada (I heard we got a lot more this week, yuck!) we still took the trip up into the mountains and it was breathtaking! I have never seen mountains before so it was so nice to experience it. I have to admit I was relieved once we finally got to the bottom of the mountain, we were driving so high up and looking down seriously made me dizzy! What a diva, I know! 

All in all, the trip up north was excellent. We had so much fun and definitely made some beautiful memories. 

There's something about travelling with your significant other, it makes the experience that much sweeter and so much fun. I really wish Brent had stayed another week because having him leave really sucked! 

I hope you are all having a lovely week! I'm going to make the best of my last week here and I'm going to try to post a little more often! Gotta try and take this part time job a little seriously ;) 


// A mix of castles at Belmonte and Sortelha // 

// Top of the Serra da Estrela // 


// it was just a little windy up there.. //

// Open your eyes Brent! // 

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