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// palacio da pena // 

Since today is Wednesday, why not talk about our trip to Sintra that we went on last wednesday?! It's never too late! We went to Sintra to work on some of our wedding planning. We took the nice long and windy drive up to the Palacio da Pena to inform ourselves on how much a ceremony would be and unfortunately in order to do the ceremony you need to have the whole wedding there. For $150 per person, I can honestly say it was not worth it at all. 

Although we felt a little defeated it's okay because slowly the plans are all coming together but more on that later! ;) 

// palacio da pena //

So, about Sintra... Man, it's a magical city. It is one that we both truly love and will always hold our hearts. Brent instantly fell in love with it the first time he visited Portugal and he has said that each and every time we visit Portugal we have to go to Sintra, he loved it so much that our wedding ceremony will be in this beautiful town. 

It is such an old town filled with palaces and a very large castle, it's like you're instantly in the past (if you ignore all the tourists and small boutiques). The town is known for its 19th century Roman architecture and let me tell you, the architecture on its own makes the city. The homes and palaces have such a unique look and beauty to it, it's something that you just need to see in person. 

// yep, brent took this one // 

If you want to learn more on the history of this beautiful town please click here

Anyways, Brent and I spent the majority of our day walking around all the cobble stone roads and sidewalks and just looking at all the beautiful and colourful buildings. There is something magical about being in a place so different from what you're used to. In Canada, you just can't find stuff like this. You can't find buildings that are filled with edges and curves and stone shaped into beautiful designs. It's all so dreamy. It takes you into another world far away from the responsibilities and stress that happen in the real world. If only we could stay here and live forever... Sigh, a girl can dream. 

// I mean look at that art work, you just can't find this stuff in Canada // 

I have to admit that not many pictures were taken in the small town, only of the Palace but Brent and I decided that we needed to enjoy the town without distractions. We wanted to just take in every moment we had together in a foreign country. We think its important to take pictures and make memories but it's even more important to just disconnect from technology. 

I will be returning to Sintra once more on Saturday, to finalize all of our wedding plans. It's a bittersweet feeling having to leave. I am so excited to go home and back to Brent but I am so sad to leave my beautiful and historical Portugal. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Happy hump day friends! 


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