This quote really struck a cord with me today. It is so true. 

In a time where we are so social media obsessed we are always thinking about the next best picture or post should be. We often forget to just enjoy what's right in front of us. 

Sometimes it's so nice to not have your phone or camera, to just take it all in and enjoy life without any distractions.

Last week, Brent really made me take a step back and enjoy our moment together. He put his camera away, grabbed my hand and said "babe, look at how beautiful this is... Let's take a minute to really enjoy this because in a month we're going to look back and wish we were still here." 

I think that taking a step back from our busy lives to really appreciate those moments is really important. Be it travelling, hanging out at home or laughing so hard it hurts at some stupid joke.

 We should really just embrace that moment because it won't happen again.

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