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Hello Chickens! 

Today is a snow day for me, we got about 15 centimetres last night and there was no way I was driving out of my driveway. Not to mention that I have a full blown cold today. This is my second cold this year and I have to say they are not at all my favourite. I feel like I'm permanently underwater and that my head is going to explode. 

Anyways, I know my posts have been sparse but here I am back at it! Today I wanted to talk wedding dresses. Two weekend ago, I went dress shopping for the first time. The first day experience was unbelievable, for the first time I felt like a bride. It was the weirdest thing standing on that podium with a wedding dress on, it really took my breath away. Brent and I are one step closer to getting married, like this is a big deal guys! 

At the first bridal boutique I was treated so well, the lady who helped me was so nice and spoke so much to me, she made me feel special and beautiful (I know they're looking for a sale but still) and it was just a very great experience. I found a couple of dresses that I thought were nice but nothing really stuck with me. 

On the Sunday we went to a little bridal boutique in Toronto, I have to say it wasn't my favourite experience. I was rushed in and rushed out and I was left feeling pretty frustrated with the whole appointment. I found a dress that had I been treated properly would have absolutely been a top contender but instead I was shooed out and left mind boggled by it all. It's funny how places treat you differently and how much it really affects your experiences. 

Oh well, this Sunday I will be leaving for Portugal where I'm positive I will go dress shopping again. I know I am becoming one of those girls who needs to try on a lot of dresses but I honestly have had an image of how I want to look on my wedding day and unfortunately none of those dresses really made me think "Omg, this is THE ONE" I will get there I'm sure. But the next time I go into a bridal boutique I now know what to expect and I will definitely be more vocal about my wants. I'm hoping that I will soon find "the one" but until then the hunt continues! 

Hope you all have a great week! 


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