Happy humpday friends! 

I hope you are staying warm, it has been incredibly cold in ontario these last couple of days and I have been super lucky to have had two snow days. Today was one of those blessed days and I spent my day tidying up the house, making dinner and watching a lot of gilmore girls. Can I just say I'm obsessed with that show? I mean lorelai is totally my soul sister. I have noticed my coffee intake and ridiculous antics have gone up by at least 50 per cent and I couldn't be anymore happy with it. 

Anyways, this post isn't really about my day even though it started off like it was ;) I know no one absolutely cares about this but something has really bothered me. I know that the internet is filled with cruel comments and hurtful words but a whole website dedicated to trashing bloggers? At first I felt like it was harmless, even lost a few hours on it wanting to know what mean things they had to say about my favourite bloggers but today I took a look at it and something just clicked. The whole website is basically a huge platform for bullying and that really annoyed me. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don't like a blog thats fine but to continuously post mean things about these people, is just silly. I don't understand what they gain from it, other than other followers who are also just as bored with their lives and need a place to trash other people to make themselves feel better, I just don't get it. 

It's all a little sad to me. I am not a well known blogger and nor do I intend to be, I just enjoy writing about my life and things that I enjoy and find this as my own little corner of the internet. If I was plastered on this site and being talked badly about it would definitely hurt. 

I know it should just be ignored and whatnot but why should it be? Why can't people just empower others, why don't people choose to build people up instead of tear them down. I guess it's just the way the world works and since it's easier to tear someone down they'll do it. No wonder the world is filled with suicides. Bullying is real and it happens to people of all ages. 

I have never, nor will I ever post something mean or negative on someones page/instagram/facebook etc. yes I may have a negative thought or whatever but instead of bringing someone down I choose to simply think it and then ignore it. If you hate a blog so much, don't go on it. It's simple as that, you clearly care way to much about how much you dislike them if you are consistently posting updates and making fun of their lives. 

Clearly, the problem is not them. It's you. 

Sorry for the little rant but I hope that the next time you think about being negative towards someone you don't know online, you can think twice about it and really think "does my negative and mean opinion matter?" because it most likely doesn't. 

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