one year

Yesterday was mine and Brents one year living together anniversary. I guess you can say that in the eyes of the law we are technically common law, which kind of means that we're married and I've got to admit we were pretty giddy about it! It is so unbelievably crazy how fast this last year has gone. We have had so many ups and a few downs but its has been such an amazing adventure. 

I had never moved out of my parents home before... I went to college literally down the street from their home so, there was never any point in moving out and waisting money. Living with someone who wasn't family a boyfriend no less, was pretty terrifying at first. Although I was super excited about it the anxiety I had leading up to the move was pretty strong.

I have to say that it has definitely made our relationship so much stronger. I am so unbelievably lucky to have someone who I can 100 per cent be myself around! It obviously took some getting used to but once we dropped the shy act it has been so much fun! Living together was definitely a learning curve, we had to get used to each others habits, schedules and just the way we like certain things to be done. I have to admit at times it was frustrating but once we communicated our frustrations it was rainbows and sunshines. The number one thing in making a relationship work is communication I won't even sugar coat it, without it you're screwed. You need to be able to talk out your issues whenever something is bothering you and whether you or your partner want to hear it. In order for it to work you need to put their feelings into consideration. 

I am so happy that we took this step in our lives and it just makes me all that more eager for us to get married. Now that we've had our "trial run" I am so confident in our upcoming marriage, I have found myself an amazing guy who I love so dearly and who loves me for me.

A month from today I will be jetting off to Portugal, where my wedding planning will finally begin! I am so excited for this next step and for finally being able to get a visual on the day we have been talking about. We are hoping that our wedding will be in my parents homeland, Portugal is a place that I hold so dear to my heart and where I have had many fond memories and it is a place where Brent has also become in love with, he is the one who pushed for the wedding to be there in the first place ;) 

While I am away there will be plenty of updates on wedding talk! So stay tuned! 
Have a safe and warm night friends!


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