Marriage talk // colours

Good morning lovelies and happy happy Monday! 

What better way to start off a new week than with some wedding talk?! Our wedding colours before the change were sapphire, ivory/white and gold, honestly I just wasn't that excited about the colours. For a few months I have been contemplating a change but Brent wasn't on board. His favourite colour was blue and he wasn't to keen on changing it but this weekend the heavens opened up and shone their light on Brent. On Sunday (the holy day) I told him nervously, "So, I'm thinking about changing the colours" he asked me to show him what I wanted and he said, "I like where you're going with it, we can change it." 

There were a few excited screams and I have been in wedding mode ever since. This coming weekend I'll be trying on dresses for my first time but thats for another blog post ;) 

Green, white and gold. 

Green, white and gold... 

Those are my new colours, the colours that have been catching my eyes for months and now they're finally mine! I find these colours just so clean, classy, romantic and timeless. I don't think I could ever get sick of those colours or look back and say, "what was I thinking?" I showed my best friends, my mom and my sister and everyone was 100% on board, they LOVED the change! The pictures above are a few of my inspirations, pinterest is a beautiful but horrible thing. I want all of it but in the cheapest way possible, it can be done right? A girl can dream! 

Have yourselves a wonderful week, stay warm and stay safe!