ikea office haul

Okay, was it just me or was it extra hard to get out of bed this morning?! 
It's 7:12 am and it's STILL dark out. I'm going to blame that for my hitting of the snooze button ;) 

Over the weekend, my family and I went to Ikea to buy some stuff for my office (it's still majorly under construction) and boy did we buy a big haul! We got all of the necessities which is great, now I just need to get this office thing going! Before and after pictures will come of course! I haven't really decided a style I want to go with other then white and gold but it's slowly coming along! I figured I'd buy a turquoise shelf because A. turquoise goes with gold and B. I've gotta have some colour in there ;) 

Also, can I just kind of say that ikea is a wonderful, beautiful, HORRIBLE place? I mean I love how cheap everything is, it's great but being in there is like madness. My parents left after a while and only Brent and I were in there but Brent and I got lost from each other for HALF AN HOUR. His stupid phone died and we could not for the life of us find each other. I literally almost had a heart attack because I was pulling two big carts full of stuff and still needed to grab a few more items in the warehouse. I was stressed to say the least, thank god I called Gimena and she calmed me down because I probably would have had a break down. Ha! 

I hope that you all have a great day and somehow wake up, I'm on my second cup of coffee and finally don't feel like I'm a zombie (yay!) 

You can find all of the items links here:

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