Happy Thursdsay friends! 

Last weekend, I had the chance to drive down to Jersey to see one of my bestest friends. Pinky is just one of those souls who gets me and even though she is so far away, she is someone who I can without fail always depend on. There aren't many words for the amount of love I have for that girl, I just love her with all of my heart! Also, Happy Birthday Pinky! Yesterday she turned 22, so lets send her all of the positive and loving vibes! I hope your day was magical! XO 

So, over the weekend we got to make a quick trip to NYC and boy was it BUSY. Those who know me, know that I loveeeee New York but New York over the holidays on a Saturday no less, is NOT for me. It was so so so so busy and full of people, in all the times I have been there I have never seen it like that, my anxiety was through the roof it was very claustrophobic. But alas, I have not lost my love for the city because I mean its my New York. Although it was super full and there were literally Santas on every single corner (thank you Santa Con) it was still nice to be back and see all of the big things I love seeing. 

It has been years since I had been to the Rockefeller Centre so seeing the tree was definitely special. But it was a "get in, take a picture and get the EFF out" kind of visit, haha there were just SO many people, I couldn't handle it! 

I have way more pictures on my DSLR that I will post soon! Thank you Pinky for the wonderful weekend and I hope you liked your surprise! Love you dearly and once again, Happy Birthday! 

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