weekend update

I am so absolutely terrible with this blogging thing lately, it seems that all I do is blog about my weekend halfway through the week. What is this madness called life? Being busy is so terrible sometimes, I've had my October Ipsy bag literally laying on a table just waiting to be photographed and blogged about. Since my November bag will be coming in the mail soon I'll just do a total overhaul! 

Can we just take a minute and make note that it is fricken November already? Next week will be mine and Brents five year anniversary and our engagement party. 50 days until Christmas ya'll! 

Anyways, lets talk about my weekend! I paid Gimena a nice visit, I drove all the way to Toronto all by my lonesome, those who know me know that this is actually a pretty big deal. I absolutely hate driving and Toronto traffic, so if that doesn't explain it I don't know what will. 

We had a very lovely dinner out at a new restaurant that opened in June (or was it July?) it is actually a restaurant that gives you a little bit of a life experience... Signs, is a restaurant that is all about sign language and gives you a better understanding of how sign language works. 

We were greeted by wonderful hostesses who signed our welcome and right from the get go we were intrigued. Once we were seated someone came over and explained to us (speaking) how the restaurant works, how to read at the menus and how to communicate with our deaf server. It was such a fun and interesting dinner and we learned a bunch of different signs. 

Once we were left completely alone with our server, we were a little terrified. In no way did we want to offend our server by being incorrect but in reality sign language is actually pretty difficult and its so amazing how graceful those who are deaf (and those who are not) sign. Obviously they have spent years learning but I find it beautiful how they can understand and speak to one another without using words. This restaurant had great service, delicious food and gave me a great life experience. 

I now have my eyes opened and have a better understanding how it could be difficult for someone who is deaf, when they are in a world surrounded by people who are not. If we found it hard and confusing at dinner at times, imagine their world where it is a constant struggle to communicate with others. Next time we do encounter someone who may be deaf or even hard of hearing, take your time to really understand them because in reality I'm positive that they get just as frustrated if not more than you. 

After our wonderful dinner we headed home, got into pjs and watched halloween town all night. Dudes, that movie is a classic and I am so glad we watched not one but TWO movies. It was the icing on the cake! 

Girls night for the win! I hope you all have a speedy week, were halfway there friends! Only three more days until the weekend! Hang in there :) 


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  1. I had a fabulous time.I love our alone time and girl talk :)