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Woah, guys. It has officially been one month since Brent popped the question! Time flies and I'm loving every minute of it. I have decided that this blog is going to become a little more wedding-y. My best friend said it is time to start milking this exciting time in my life and where better to start than here? Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey! 

I started out feeling that wedding planning is overwhelming, if you look at any wedding planner there are just lists upon lists of things you need to do. It terrified me. I opened it once then closed it up and thought to myself, "maybe later?" Now that we are a month in, it has given me time to really enjoy being engaged and I am now "ready" to start planning! Ha! Remind me I said that when I have my freak outs, okay?

First up, is something you should probably only do about six-seven months before your wedding but since I like to work backwards. I'm starting with invitations. There are SO many invitations out there and these are clearly only a handful of ones that I've looked at. I was going through one of the bridal magazines that was given to me and there was a page talking about free samples. Since I'm all about the free stuff I totally jumped on it and ordered 18 different invitations from two different companies. I have to admit I loved a lot of them and this is going to be a little harder than I thought. Yikes! Good thing Brent is actually on board with the whole helping me plan the wedding! It's so nice when your groom is actually putting in some input and cares about whats going on. It's my day, yes, but its his day too! Remember that ladies, no bridezillas up in here! 

Minted (click here for the direct link) 

I thought it was pretty awesome when I opened up the envelope and found this beauty inside. I thought I would just get a handful of cards but oh no, they give you a whole package. You get cards with different fonts, colours, paper types and all envelopes. It's pretty amazing. There is such a variety of things you can do with every invite and not to mention you can customize everything. You can change so many colours and fonts and all that jazz. There are a few top contenders with minted but since the wedding is still so far away (a year and eight months) I will obviously be looking at all of my options. 

I really liked a lot of the designs from Wedding Paper Divas, although I wasn't a fan with how thick the invites came. Granted, I was the one who chose the thickness and it could definitely be changed so no worries there. There were a couple the we enjoyed and thought were pretty and go with our "theme" but like I said we're keeping options open because I'm sure there will be many more designs to look at. 

We have been going through these for the last week and although there were some that I loved, the cost of them is pretty up there. I never imagined that invites were this costly but when it comes to wedding everything seems to be expensive. I am trying to get this wedding planned and done all on a very tight budget. I am so so excited for this day but I also want to be reasonable about it. It is only one day and I would much rather a happy marriage than putting us in debt for the wedding. It's about priorities friends, Brent and I have decided to keep the wedding expenses to a minimum (no set budget yet) and spend more on our honeymoon. We're far more excited to just get married and travel then we are at spending 50k on one day.

I hope you all have a happy tuesday and also a happy Rememberance Day. Thank you to everyone who has served for our country and for those who continue to serve for us. You keep us free and I will forever be grateful. Take the time to remember those who we have lost and to thank those who have risked their lives for us. 


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