Sunday Funday

Another weekend has come and gone. It's depressing how long we have to wait for these two days and how fast they just happen to fly by. Anyways, it was another fun and eventful weekend. Saturday night Brent and I and some friends spent our night having some drinks and crafting. We made a bunch of decorations for our engagement party! 

Sunday was the most fun though, Brent and I went to Toronto with my family. We had a wonderful lunch at Bairrada, a delicious portuguese restaurant and spent some fun time at the science centre! Since my cousin is here for three months we have been trying to find a bunch of different things that we can do with him! 

I can't believe that in less than three months I will be flying back with them to Portugal and the real wedding planning will begin! It's so exciting and nerve wracking. I haven't planned anything at all, actually I just opened my wedding planner for the second time yesterday!

There is something about spending time with family that I just love. There is nothing better than having my grandma here visiting, I love spending time with her and seeing how happy my mom is to have her own momma here! Its so endearing. I don't want to think about what it'll be like when she's back in Portugal! 

After lunch we headed over to the Ontario Science Centre. Learned a bunch of new things and got to play with a lot of toys. It's so neat what science can do. It was definitely a fun trip spent with those who mean most to me.

This week is going to be a short one for me, I have Friday off to set up the house for our Party. I'm really looking forward to the weekend since Brent and I will be going away on a little romantic getaway. We'll finally get to celebrate 5 years of us and our engagement. I am so lucky to have such an amazing man like him. 

Have a wonderful week friends! 


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