Five years. Today makes it five years that we have been together and I couldn't be happier. 

It's unbelievable how quickly time flies. Five years ago I was fresh in college making questionable decisions and unbeknownst to me, meeting my future husband. Gosh, it's unbelievable. Brent and I first met in September, we were both in the same course and I thought that he was a cutie. Being my openly loud self I spoke to him first, I still remember how I did it... I was nervous (it was one of the first days) and he was looking at a picture of himself on Facebook shotgunning a beer. I turned to him and said "I wish I knew how to do that, I've never been able to do it," the rest is clearly history. 

I am so beyond fortunate to have met Brent at such a young age. I was 18 and he was 20 when we started dating many will say that is so young and that we haven't experienced enough life on our own. I say, that it was the perfect age. I was going down a weird road before Brent and I had met, he made me see that I was better than the decisions I was making and he showed me how truly wonderful I am. I can honestly say that my confidence in myself has stemmed with how he has made me feel. We have always had a fairly healthy relationship, we support one another in all our decisions, we pick each other up when one makes a mistake and most importantly, we are kind to one another.

I am so lucky to be marrying this man, he is everything I could want and more. I am so grateful he came into my life five years ago and I am SO blessed he's stuck around. 

I can't wait to go on this life journey with you Swance, I can't wait to get married and have a couple of little ones running around. You are my best friend and my everything. Happy five years and here's to many many more! 


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