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This weekend was by far my favourite weekend of the year. My favourite day would obviously be our engagement, but we're talking about this weekend here. Friday night we had our engagement party with 30 of our closest friends, it was amazing. We felt so much of their love and are so blessed to truly be surrounded by so many beautiful people. 

On Saturday, we went on our anniversary getaway. Now that I think of it, it's kind of like we just had ourselves a mini pre wedding and pre honeymoon... Ha! That's actually pretty funny! Anyways, we drove up to Blue Mountains and spent the night, it was so wonderful. Since we were fairly hungover Saturday morning, we decided to drive up in the afternoon. Once we got to the hotel we put on warmer clothes and boots and decided to go for a walk in the village, where we proceeded to eat an amazingly delicious poutine. I don't know what it is about crispy fries, hot gravy and cold cheese but I am addicted to anything poutine and seriously refuse to ever give it up. 

We had dinner that night at a nice pizzeria. In honour of our five year anniversary, I have been bothering Brent to help me make a list of the top 5 things we both believe help make our relationship strong, healthy and happy. 

A cliche, I know but seriously hear us out. In order to be able to be with someone you need to believe in them and give them a reason to believe you. It is so easy to break someones trust, a small or big lie can sometimes do the trick so its important to always be truthful and honest. 

I can absolutely be a victim of my own anger and say things that shouldn't be said. Over the years I have tried to make a stop to it and slowly succeeded. Being kind to your significant other is so important, building someone up is harder than tearing them down so focus on the good in your spouse. Everyone has flaws, even you. 

Physical Contact
No, not just sex. Although we both believe sex is obviously very important and should happen frequently (even if your busy, MAKE the time) we mean touching. Holding hands, frequent kisses, a hand on the knee or even a hug, these are all mini examples of constant touch. Touch is something that is so important to us, it shows us that were constantly loved and wanted. 

Brent stressed that communication is key. One thing that we always do is talk. If we're angry with one another we give each other the needed space but we always talk it out before bed. Very rarely do we (mainly me) go to bed angry. In the early stages of our relationship I found communication was a difficult one for us to nail down but as the years have gone by and the more we know each other its a lot easier to talk about what is bothering us or what we love about our relationship. Just make sure you're always talking! 

This one is probably our favourite, duh! Who doesn't enjoy a little fun? Through out our whole relationship fun has always been a big thing for us, we constantly travel, go out, be lazy and just spend copious amounts of time with one another. Having fun and being silly is so important, you need to feel comfortable and like yourself when you're in a relationship. I love being able to be my weird self around Brent and knowing he loves me even when I'm singing horribly in the shower. Being a big kid has kept our relationship fresh and with the help of new adventures it keeps us from falling into ruts of boredom! Our next big adventure is travelling to Portugal in February, we're SO excited! 

I hope you all have a happy Tuesday and safe driving out there! The winter is coming! Brrr.


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