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Besides the fact that I was awfully sick for the last week things have been pretty grand around here. It seems that I am finally pulling myself out of this god forsaken rut and starting to feel like myself again. It's funny how my best friend and I both fell into ruts at the exact same time. She was in a bit of a emotional rut and I had more of a physical rut. It's crazy to think the closer you become to people the more alike you become and the more you go through similar waves of life together. 

Now that I am finally feeling better I am finding the energy I once had, you could say its because I am eating healthier and "cleaner" foods or even just my mentality has changed. Waking up as early as I used to is still a work in progress but I'm getting there. It's hard to wake up early when you can't sleep straight through the night but last night was better than the other nights!

Sometimes when life gets so busy and we get so lazy we tend to forget about what's important. WE are important, our health is important and our happiness is important. My best friend has decided to take forty minutes of every day to find time for herself. Half an hour for a work out and 10 minutes for meditation. Those 40 minutes don't need to be done all together, she'll split up the 10 minutes for when she finds the time like when she is riding the subway or walking home. 

I find that we have to make the time for ourselves. I am a victim of forgetting that, I sometimes work so much that I'm to tired to do anything but sit in front of the TV. Some may argue that, that is finding time for yourself but its not really, finding time for yourself involves really doing something that makes you feel good and makes your mind work. I find TV is just an easy way to let your brain rot for a while, of course there is nothing wrong with it but we should take the time to care for our bodies and our brains. Take a few minutes to read a book, to say a prayer or to just think about how good you've got it. 

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