weekend roundup

Rabbit, Rabbit! Welcome to the month of October! I have a feeling it's going to be a good one :)  

We had quite the adventurous weekend ladies and gents! I know its Wednesday, but lets be real here my blogging skills have been lacking... Alas we had a salsa night and a fun night out on the town in Toronto.

Life has been pretty fun around here, on Friday night we had a couple of friends over, drank some wine, made some salsa and watched beauty and the beast. Can I just note how great that movie is? I hadn't watched it in years but when one of the guys (YES one of the GUYS) suggested it, we were all pretty cool with it and it was great. The salsa took us a few hours to cook, only about an hour to prep though which was great once I get a full recipe I will post it! 

On Saturday, the four of us went down to Toronto to pay Brent's friend a nice little visit and go out to the bar. We went to a place called the Bier Markt and it was pretty neat. Very laid back, a lot of beer choice and great music. It's so fun to do things that are completely out of our element. Since winter is just around the corner and our hibernation season will begin, we are are trying really hard to fit in all these fun activities! 

This weekend we decided to take it a little easy, we have been talking about renovating my office for the LONGEST time but have been so busy we just haven't gotten around to it. So this weekend we will be cleaning it out and getting the ball rolling. Can I also add that my grandmother is coming to visit us for four months! I am so excited! Only three more days until she's here! It's almost the weekend guys! Just hold it together, we can get through Thursday and Friday!

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  1. love reading how you see your life. xo #thedaintykat #inspire