Is it just me or did the weekend fly by? Seriously, Monday needs to come a little slower! Anyways, I had a very lovely laid back weekend. I love spending quality time to with my family, friends and Brent and that was all this weekend was about! It was super great and a lot of fun.

Last week, I found this new website on pinterest and now I am in love. It is pretty simple, just has a bunch of amazing photography and you can take the work for free. Alas, I would never give myself credit for it so here I am showing you a few of my favourites and letting you know about this amazing website. The photography is to die for, so many pretty and dreamy pictures. If there is one thing in life I wish I could do it would be to be able to take beautiful pictures. There is just something so magical in capturing the beauty of the world, I love it. 

you can check out the website here.

Enjoy and happy Tuesday! 

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