After what had been the longest/most stressful week ever, I am so so glad that we had the weekend but I'm so sad it was over so fast! Last week we had one of the biggest jobs we have ever had since starting the company, we we're in charge of a big, six story student residence building post-construction clean. I feel so proud of my mom, our employees and myself, we had only a week to finish the job and we did it. 

Now that the busiest week is over I feel like I have actually been able to relax and get back on track. I spent the whole week at my parents and I took a bit of a break when it came to the "healthy lifestyle."  I know I probably shouldn't have done it and should have tried a little bit more but sometimes you just need to take a few days for yourself and remember that just because you're taking a break doesn't mean all your hard work will go down the drain. So, starting today I am back on track and back to doing my daily workouts and eating way more veggies. 

I hope that everyone has a very happy Monday and a good week! Back at it ladies and gents!


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