health break

Happy Fall friends!

Over the last three weeks I have taken a bit of a break. The first week of September was a pretty crazy one, the company was busy and I was working 12-16 hour days I had no time for myself let alone any time to work out. Since then I have worked out but I haven't stuck to my strict Kayla Itsines regimen, it kind of sucks but I really needed a break. I am going to eventually get back into it. I know I will, I am motivated and really do want to but these past two weeks I have been fighting off terrible allergies and now fighting off an extremely annoying cold. As you can imagine my energy is hardly even there. 

I don't think that there is any problem with taking breaks from your healthy lifestyle as long as it stays just that, a break. Sometimes to stay sane you need to just take a few weeks to yourself, start feeling better and get right back into it! 

 I am so excited for the month of October, I know that great things will be happening that month and one of the most exciting things is that my Grandmother and cousin from Portugal will be visiting us for four months! I am so so so happy to have these visitors, to have my grandmother all to myself (and my sister) is so great. We never really get our grandparents to ourselves since we live so far away but when we do we are spoiled like crazy with all the love that we've missed out on over the years! Nothing better than that! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, it's almost here only a few hours to go, yay!! 


time for change

It is 1:10 pm on a Saturday and I am still in bed and I'm not even mad about it. I have not had a legit lazy day in months and one where I'm all alone? It's been years. I am not one who bodes well with being alone, I usually kind of hate it. Too much time spent thinking is just a recipe for disaster when it comes to me but not today. No, no, not today ladies and gents. I have been longing for a solo lazy day for a very long time, which to me is super surprising. I have spent this morning laying in bed, listening to music and making lists. 

I have been reading 'The Secret' for a few weeks now, I'm taking er' real slow. I have been reading and taking breaks and really trying to think hard about my happiness and what kind of life I have been attracting. Since I started reading this book, my mind set has changed immensely. When I start to think of anything just slightly negative, my sub conscious kicks in and points myself to a more positive thought. It's a work in progress but over time I believe I can achieve a more positive life. There are so many 'wants' that I have in my life and I have always thought that they're out of this world, to high of a dream but you know what? WHY? Why can't I have those things? I don't know why I have felt I don't deserve all these luxuries, when I do. So, today I made a list of everything I want from this life and to be blunt, I think I'll get em'. 

A few things on my list include: I want to know I am good enough (this is on a number of different issues), I want to travel the world and make new adventures, I want to live the happiest ever after with Brent and I want to own a big old fashioned home with a ton of natural light. That is only four bullets of my two page long list but it's just a small example of how broad that list is.

I can and I will achieve my dreams. Just like you can and you will. If anyone tells you otherwise, you tell them to just shove it. With all the worries in life and how busy I become, I feel like I turn into a robot who is just living in my body but I want to change that. It's time to face things head on and make the best of this life. It's the only one I have, it's time to live it. 

Now, who's with me? 


growing up

This post is kind of a love letter to all of my amazing friends. It's a little all over the place but thats okay, I'm a scattered kind of person. 

My boyfriend has a core group of friends and they have all been best friends for well over 10 years, they have moved away from each other but remain to be the closest friends and it's something that I admire dearly. Over the last few years I have lost touch with a lot of old friendships, I took it very hard for many years but I am finally at a point in my life where I am okay with it. It happens, you grow up or you change and it just doesn't work out. No one is really at fault its just a part of life. Since I started dating Brent one big thing that his friends have always done for me is always making me feel welcome. Since day one his friends have been nothing but big brothers to me and it's difficult to describe how much these men really mean to me. They are my best friends and I can literally go to them about anything, even bitching about Brent. Granted they never really take my side but they're always there to listen and make me feel better. I think its funny how sometimes certain people can leave such big impressions in your life and I am so thankful that Brent has people like that in his life. 

Last night Catina and I met up with Gimena in Toronto, we had a girls night out and guys I can't remember the last time I had that much fun in a club. Good friends are so so so hard to come by but I found myself some solid gems. These girls are my rocks, they inspire me to be better, they're honest and when I'm out of line or being ridiculous they are not afraid to tell me so. I have known Catina for 12 years we have always been great friends, I honestly feel like we have both kept each other sane over the things that life throws at us. Its funny how we've always been best friends but in these last five years she has become a sister to me. I've only known Gimena for almost three years and it's crazy how quickly she became a sister to me, this woman has whipped me into shape so many times and if it weren't for her I'd be lost in life she truly is a ray of sunshine and one of the best things to ever come into my life. The three of us together are a force of nature. I swear when I am with these two girls my life brightens up so much and my happiness meter goes crazy. I have the most fun and laughs with them and I just love them with all my heart. 

I have noticed over the last few years that in life having a ton of friends just isn't important anymore. All that matters are the people who are real and there for you under any circumstance. Having close friends who care about you, who take the time to reach out when life gets busy or who just buy you chocolate because they know you love it. Those are the friends I keep around and will always cherish. 

I love you guys. Each and every one of you, thank you for making my life a good one. 


After what had been the longest/most stressful week ever, I am so so glad that we had the weekend but I'm so sad it was over so fast! Last week we had one of the biggest jobs we have ever had since starting the company, we we're in charge of a big, six story student residence building post-construction clean. I feel so proud of my mom, our employees and myself, we had only a week to finish the job and we did it. 

Now that the busiest week is over I feel like I have actually been able to relax and get back on track. I spent the whole week at my parents and I took a bit of a break when it came to the "healthy lifestyle."  I know I probably shouldn't have done it and should have tried a little bit more but sometimes you just need to take a few days for yourself and remember that just because you're taking a break doesn't mean all your hard work will go down the drain. So, starting today I am back on track and back to doing my daily workouts and eating way more veggies. 

I hope that everyone has a very happy Monday and a good week! Back at it ladies and gents!