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Oh long weekends, how I love you SO! 

Although today is our last day of the long weekend, I must say I had a wonderful weekend and I'm okay with it being over! A lot was done this weekend, plenty of family time, movies, friends and drinks... oh the drinks, my poor liver! Nonetheless, it was just a really good weekend and I wish I have more like these! I hope that all my fellow Canadians also had a good long weekend! 

SO, since I am on this new healthy lifestyle, (lets not forget that I am not drinking as often as I was, it is a weekend and social thing) I am thinking of starting a new series on my blog... We'll see how long that'll last, I'm not terribly good with the series thing. Lets note that Brent and I started our one picture a week series and it lasted from January to maybe March? Ha! I'm real consistent with these things! Anyways the series will be called "Whats for..." it'll be about what I'm having for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I think it's more of a little log as to what different foods I make and eat so that if I ever just don't know what to make I can come on here and check er' out! For all my followers (if any) I hope you don't mind the food series and lets hope I can keep it up!

Here's the first post!

What's for lunch?

Since today feels like a Sunday and in the P.S residence we have lazy Sundays, we had left overs for lunch! Brent doesn't like what I ate so he just had a sandwich and leftover potatoes, broccoli and green beans! My meal was pretty simple, extremely filling and super yummy! 

My salad contained, cucumbers, yellow peppers, a cut up homemade turkey burger and yummy Roasted Tomato salad dressing! Toss it all together and there ya go, something simple and delicious! I know that Salad dressing is a big no no in the extremely HEALTHY community but I am NOT a salad eater and I have come a very long way in the whole salad deal. The only way I can actually eat a salad without feeling like I am a cow chewing on the same piece of grass is with a little something something in there to spice it up! 

There you have it folks, the first Whats For post... wasn't it extremely interesting and fun? I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday and an even better week! Life is good. Embrace each and every day! I can't stress it enough! 


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