What's for breakfast?

Good Morning my fellow early birds! 
Can I just say that the last two nights have been super super rough?! Brent worked nights last night and on monday night he just went to bed a lot later than usual and its messing up my schedule man! I haven't slept more than two hours straight the last two nights and its seriously driving me insane. I am tired! Why can't my body just stop this nonsense?! None the less, I still woke up at 6:30 this am to workout, I know, I know... CRAZY lady! But I felt good and I need to teach my body who's boss! ;) 

So here is the second instalment to the 'What's for..." series! Going strong already, don't worry I got this! 

Last night I had my sister over and since we weren't really in the mood for a fancy dinner we (I!!) made an omelette. This morning I had left overs because you know, laziness and all. For breakfast I had a red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, onion and green bean omelette on quinoa toast with a side of much needed coffee and bananas! It was yummy and filling! Now if only I could just crawl back into bed... sigh. 

ALSO, my sister dragged me out shopping yesterday and I spent money I probably shouldn't have spent but hey it's almost my birthday so I'm treating myself (HA! I feel like I'm going to be using that line ALL month).  I got both these tops for under 10 bucks! They're my new workout shirts... I love that they're fun and motivating! Good Vibez ONLY people! 

Have a happy humpday! 


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